We Value You

At King of Freight, our clients and their operations are our #1 priority!
Every shipment means as much to us as it does to you!

We understand that every shipper has their own particular set of needs, and we will do whatever is necessary to meet and exceed those needs while maintaining the highest level of service and support. We want to thank you for your interest in King of Freight. We know how important affordable and efficient shipping is to any operation, and it is not a responsibility we take lightly.


We speak and act with honesty and integrity with one another, our clients and the public.


We treat one another, our clients and the public with respect. We think the best of one another. We value others and their opinions.


Our business is meeting the needs of others. We will meet those needs on schedule and create lasting, sustainable value for our clients.


We take responsibility for our words and actions.


Encouraging creativity and continuous improvement to drive growth and adapt to changing markets.

About Us

Experience the satisfaction of logistics done right.

Founded in 2008, King of Freight has doubled in size every year since. Our team is changing the way the world looks at freight, one shipment at a time. We don't believe shipping should ever be stressful for our clients. Let us show you a new way to look at over-the-road transportation. Our experienced staff knows what you need and how to get it at a moment’s notice. Our website is always free of charge. Quoting is always free as well, whether submitted through our online quoting service or contacting one of our in house Brokers. Charges are only applied for the trucks you use on the dates you use them. There are no hidden fees or charges and definitely no surprises.

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King of Freight is making headlines with our exponential growth and success. See the most recent articles about our company and why so many have decided that when it comes to logistics and shipping, nothing less than King of Freight will do!

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King of Freight is revolutionizing the logistics industry. From our state-of-the-art and proprietary technologies, to our award-winning service and expertise, we are consistently raising the bar.

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King of Freight was founded in 2008 by Mike Ricklefs, a veteran logistics expert. Shortly after, he partnered with information technology specialist Greg Bolain and together they laid the framework for the robust and industry leading company that exists today.

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