We Offer:

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FTL Shipping

Full truckload Shipments (FTL or TL) are our specialty. We work with a large network of transportation service providers and will collaborate with you to ensure your full truckload shipments are delivered in the most efficient and cost effective way possible.

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LTL Shipping

Our unique relationships in the freight industry have allowed us to obtain excellent pricing discounts with all of the major LTL carriers across the country. Taking the time to quote out several carriers can be annoying and time consuming. At King of Freight, that work has already been done.

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Ocean Transport

King of Freight offers a multitude of options for efficient transportation of ocean freight. Our unique relationships with the major ocean carriers allows us to receive steep discounts on a variety of vessel options.

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Rail Transport

One of the most cost-effective ways to transport freight across the country is rail! We work closely with major rail carriers to deliver top-notch multi-modal service. From standard box cars, to liquid transport, to grain cars, let us show you how easy and affordable rail transportation can be!

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Air Transport

Make sure your shipment gets to its destination when it needs to! We offer same day air forwarding services for when time is of the essence! Make sure your customers delivery windows are met with our world-class air transportation coordination!

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Online Management

As a client, you will be able to track all of your shipments, from pick up to delivery. You can also print invoices and bill of ladings, view your payment history, request trucks, and manage your customer page all from our website.

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Pro-Active Protection

King of Freight has developed a proprietary fraud detection system to prevent stolen shipments. We also do extensive background checks on all our carriers to ensure they are in complete compliance with all regulations and insurance requirements.

Our Brokers are some of the best in the biz.

Our experienced professionals must each master:

* Full Truckload quoting from anywhere in the United States.

* LTL quoting including a strong understanding of freight classes.

* How to consult customers and provide them with the cheapest and most efficient way of moving their freight.

How can sub-standard logistics affect your business?

* Increased costs in terms of shipping and handling can eat up profits and tighten your company's cashflow
* High shipping costs translate to high shipping fees paid by customers, and some customers may opt for cheaper shipping (your competitors)
* It can leave you little room to maneuver if there are shipping errors

Are you missing out on overhead reductions and increased efficiency?

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